Businesses not only have a stake in national and multilateral decisions related to climate and energy, they have a critical leadership role to play in forging solutions. Business leaders are increasingly concerned about the supply chain, investment, and broader economic risks associated with climate change. They also have a direct stake in government decisions about whether and how to address these risks. Most businesses would prefer market-based climate and energy policies that maximize business certainty to government regulations, a preference shared by economists across the political spectrum who argue that market-based policies are more efficient.

Our work with businesses is pragmatic, supportive, and grounded in our values and mission. Businesses have multiple stakeholders, including the communities in which they are based, their customers, and the political leaders whose decisions bear directly on core business priorities. We help businesses implement concrete changes that work from a business perspective and that are consistent with our mission. Depending on the business and its needs, these changes may range from internal operations to supply chains to public communications and government affairs. 

Our team brings extensive experience designing and supporting complex, high-stakes, confidential change processes. Team members have worked with leaders from a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500 organizations to the U.S. Military to clean tech startups. We also bring an advanced network of leaders from diverse sectors and across the political spectrum.

We offer businesses a range of support:

  • Confidential Forums
  • Strategic Introductions
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Strategic Alliances
  • Negotiation and Relationship Management
  • Communications Strategy
  • Training and Coaching
  • Research and Assessment

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