Direct Support

DEPLOY/US offers a range of direct support that advances our mission. Our team brings expertise in negotiation, relationship management, strategic alliances, unexpected partnerships, planning, assessment, and stakeholder engagement.  We also bring an advanced network of influential leaders from the military, national security, business, investment, public health, policy, and philanthropic communities.

> Convening and Facilitation

We specialize in work that crosses organizational, sectoral and political lines, drawing on many years of experience in facilitating complex, politically sensitive, and strategically critical processes. Our work extends beyond constructive dialogue to joint strategic analysis and, where appropriate, coordinated action.

> Negotiation and Relationship Management

We recognize that organizations often need help initiating, managing, and in some cases repairing relationships. We provide training and coaching to help leaders navigate partnerships and relationships, including those that span public-private, grantor-grantee, and civilian-military lines.

> Stakeholder and Influence Mapping

We use state-of-the-art methodologies to help leaders identify, map, and engage key stakeholders and maximize influence.

> Strategic Alliances

We help organizations initiate, build, and maintain strategic alliances that advance core organizational priorities, including "unexpected partnerships" across organizational, sectoral, and political lines.

> Planning and Assessment

We facilitate rigorous planning and assessment, helping participants visualize theories of change, pressure-test assumptions, identify metrics, and assess impacts in hard-to-measure areas of effort. Our work is informed by many years experience developing methods and tools for civil-military planning and assessment.

> Communications

We provide advice, training and coaching on communications, especially related to negotiation and relationship management with important or hard-to-reach constituencies. We work with journalists to help them identify and illuminate unexpected voices on the need for a clean energy transition.

> Capacity Building

We offer training and coaching tailored to each organization's unique needs, with a focus on negotiation and relationship management, strategic network development, and planning and assessment. 

> Network Development

We are convinced that strategic networks, often involving unexpected partners, hold the key to accelerating solutions. We help organizations build and expand networks that extend their reach and impact.

> Research

As social scientists, in addition to practitioners, we offer research support, including strategic analysis, stakeholder consultations, due diligence related to social impacts, and systems analysis.

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