Journalists play a powerful role in communicating with the public about climate risks and solutions. In striving to help the public make sense of information that is often confusing and conflicting, journalists need to make informed decisions about which stories to cover and whose voices to amplify.

DEPLOY/US has spent the past several years building a diverse network of influential leaders from the military, business, faith, public health, conservative, clean tech, impact investment, policy, and philanthropic communities who are able to speak credibly about climate and energy from a range of perspectives. 

 We offer journalists the following support:

  • Interviews: We are available for television, radio, and print interviews. We bring unique views, informed by our work with key constituencies, as well as context regarding the evolving political and public discourse, emerging stories, and key actors.
  • Speakers' Bureau: We connect journalists with leaders from a range of disciplines and across the political spectrum who offer compelling views on both climate risks and solutions at local, national, and global levels.
  • Framing and Messengers: The way stories are framed matters just as much as who's telling them. We are available to speak to media organizations and journalists as they think through their strategies and coverage.

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