Our Projects


DEPLOY/US catalyzes and leads projects when we identify strategic gaps that we are uniquely positioned to fill.  In determining where and how to engage, we rely on research, stakeholder consultations, and the advice of our advisors and community.

woman_small.jpgFrom 2013 to 2015, we conducted a six-month strategic gap analysis, followed by over twelve months of stakeholder consultations. Based on the results of that analysis, we have focused on connecting and amplifying influential voices with key constituencies, including both voters and policy makers. 

While the November 2016 election results dramatically changed the political landscape, our focus on engaging new constituencies and building strategic, cross-sector networks has never been more relevant.

We currently have three lines of effort:

> National Policy

We have spent two years building an influential network of military, business, and conservative faith, and conservative thought leaders who are committed to national action on climate and clean energy. By focusing on unexpected voices, rather than the more typical environmental voices in the national discourse, this network is uniquely positioned to influence citizens and lawmakers across the political spectrum.

> Strategic Philanthropy

We are working to broaden and deepen the funding for strategically positioned work on climate and clean energy, with a focus on curating opportunities for donors to increase traction in the changing political context and supporting new strategies and strategic collaborations.

> High-level Dialogues

We are working with partners to convene high-level dialogues about concrete opportunities for concerned citizens and leaders across the political spectrum to influence governmental decision-making.

While some of this work is confidential, we welcome inquiries from individuals and organizations in a position to support this work programmatically and/or financially.


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