Our Values

The DEPLOY/US community's work is grounded in a strong sense of shared purpose: To amplify and accelerate efforts to mitigate climate risks and transition to clean energy.


We are convinced that:

  • Clean energy is the future. A transition to clean energy is necessary to protect our security, economy, and well-being.
  • Investing in clean energy is good for the economy. Climate change is bad for business. Market-based policies that stimulate innovation create jobs and grow the economy.
  • US leadership is essential. The US cannot do this alone, but US leadership is essential to global solutions. Leading is not only our responsibility; it is in our national self-interest.
  • This work can bring us together. Citizens and leaders across the political spectrum care about this issue. Our shared concern opens up new possibilities to build relationships across geographic, religious, racial, economic and political differences.

We value:

  • Pragmatism. We are problem solvers. We understand that it is sometimes necessary to compromise on what is less important to achieve what is most important.
  • Unexpected partnerships. We are committed to building new networks and unexpected partnerships. We know first-hand that these relationships generate creativity, learning, and growth.
  • Women's leadership. As a women-led organization, we believe in the power of women's leadership.


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