people_talking.jpgPhilanthropy plays an essential role in catalyzing and supporting action on climate and clean energy. Many funders recognize the importance of building a broad base of support for national action. In addition to investing in environmental organizations and campaigns, some have also invested in "unexpected voices" who are able to speak credibly across the political spectrum. Although these voices are gaining traction, much work remains to be done to ensure they are heard in Washington, D.C. and in key states. This requires not just more resourcing, but more strategic resourcing, informed by nuanced strategies developed in partnership with the communities being engaged.

DEPLOY/US is committed to helping philanthropic organizations increase traction on climate and energy. We bring an advanced network of unexpected voices on climate and clean energy, including military and national security leaders, business leaders, public health leaders, conservative faith leaders, and conservative thought leaders and influencers, all of whom are committed to responsible national action on climate and energy. We also bring deep experience in stakeholder consultation and convening, strategic planning, impact evaluation, unexpected partnerships and strategic collaboration.

We offer philanthropic organizations and individual donors a range of support:

  • Targeted high level introductions to organizations and sectors outside of the organization's network
  • Curating of strategically positioned initiatives and leaders
  • Support for initiating, building, and maintaining strategic collaborations
  • Convening and facilitation of retreats, strategy sessions, and grantee meetings
  • Mapping, vetting and testing theories of change
  • Research, including stakeholder consultations and impact evaluation¬†

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