What We Do

DEPLOY/US plays a unique role in the climate and energy landscape, connecting and empowering leaders and concerned citizens across the political spectrum who share our goal of pragmatic, pro-growth solutions. 

mbf.gifAs we identify strategic gaps that DEPLOY/US is uniquely positioned to fill, we initiate projects. Our project work focuses on policy, strategic philanthropy, communications, and stakeholder engagement.

We also offer direct support to not-for-profits, philanthropic organizations, businesses, impact investors, clean tech entrepreneurs, and journalists, helping effect changes within their organizations, sectors, and communications that are consistent with our mission.

Our Approach

Our combination of project leadership and direct support enables us to reach new constituencies, build strategic alliances, and accelerate work to forge solutions.

New Constituencies  The activism that propelled climate change to international attention cannot get us over the finish line alone. Climate is more than an environmental issue. It is also a national security, economic, public health, and moral issue. DEPLOY/US brings extensive experience and an exceptional network at both national and state levels to engage constituencies across the political spectrum in putting forward and implementing innovative solutions.  

Strategic Alliances Sustainable solutions require new networks, partnerships, and alliances across organizational, sectoral, and political lines. DEPLOY/US brings unique expertise in strategic alliances, unexpected partnerships, and collaboration. We work with a wide range of organizations in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors, helping them build new relationships, collaborate efficiently, and communicate with key constituencies.

Our Community

Our growing community spans the political spectrum. It includes influential leaders from the following sectors, all of whom are committed to action on climate and energy that stimulates innovation and economic growth.

  • Military/National Security
  • Business
  • Public Health
  • Policy
  • Faith
  • Journalism
  • Science
  • Strategic Communications
  • Philanthropy

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