DEPLOY/US is a strictly non-partisan organization dedicated to national action on climate and clean energy.  

Our Values

  • Pragmatic. We are problem solvers. We understand that achieving what is most important sometimes requires compromising on what is less important.
  • Unexpected partnerships. We build networks and partnerships that bridge sectoral, geographic, and political divides. We are convinced that climate change - an issue that currently divides us - can become the issue that brings us together.
  • Results. We are data-driven and focused on measurable results. We set ambitious goals, identify actionable opportunities, and create new paths to impact.

Policy Principles

DEPLOY/US is committed to federal climate and energy policies that:

  • Enable the United States to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 at the level agreed to in the Paris Climate Agreement and put U.S. emissions on a path consistent with keeping global temperature increases well below 2 degrees Celsius
  • Ensure access to reliable, affordable energy for American families and businesses and promote long-term economic growth to ensure that future generations are wealthier
  • Advance development and deployment of low- and non-emitting technologies through market-based policies that promote innovation and consumer choice, including changes to tax rates, market-based trading programs, and large-scale licensing reform
  • Apply entirely on the basis of emission-reduction performance, without otherwise favoring one technology over another
  • Promote comparable action by other nations

DEPLOY/US is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a member of Bridge Alliance and 1% for the Planet.