Collective strength and courage

Dear Friends, 

One of the highlights of my life, before starting a family, was a three-week winter-camping trip in the White Mountains. I vividly remember the beauty of the woods in the winter and three very cold days spent on a “solo," sleeping in a snow shelter I had built. On the second day, the trip leader noticed that my fire wasn’t burning and came up the hill. Initially, I felt that asking for help was a sign of failure. But, I soon learned that it was actually a sign of strength and courage.   
Today, I am once again looking out at sparkling, snow-covered woods. And, I am once again asking for help. 

DEPLOY/US has accomplished more in 2017 than I could have imagined. We have built a remarkable, influential network that spans the political spectrum. We have conducted ground-breaking research to document the political opportunity and the steps that must be taken to seize it. Together with our partners, we have brought our unique “military, money, and morals” network to key audiences – from Capitol Hill, to Earth Day Texas, to the mainstream media. 

2018 is a critical year for climate action. DEPLOY/US’ work to amplify and accelerate authentic conservative leadership is more urgently needed than ever before. 
Seizing the opportunity in 2018 will require our collective strength and courage. We cannot do this without you. Please consider a tax-deductible gift to DEPLOY/US this holiday season.
With gratitude,

Andrea Strimling Yodsampa
Founder & CEO, DEPLOY/US