After the November 2016 elections, DEPLOY/US, the non-partisan, not-for-profit organization I had founded several years earlier to fill a strategic gap in the climate and clean energy space, was suddenly at the center of national conversations. Our unique, cross-sector strategy and exceptional network were uniquely positioned for political moment. 

Seizing this opportunity, DEPLOY/US focused on building momentum and expanding our influential network of climate and clean energy leaders. We began 2017 by adding two team members: Senior Advisor for Capacity, Siobhán O'Riordan, and Program Manager, Cassy Krueger. Siobhan has guided DEPLOY/US in honing our strategy and expanding our reach far beyond what I could have imagined in 2015. Cassy has put in place key systems necessary for long-term sustainability and impact, managed our programs and communications, and led us in obtaining our 501(c)3 status.

This summer, DEPLOY/US welcomed two Senior Fellows, Catrina Rorke and Dr. Manik (Nikki) Roy. Catrina founded the energy programs at both R Street Institute and American Action Forum and served on the staff of former Congressman Bob Inglis (R-SC). Nikki served as director of political assessment with the ClimateWorks Foundation and vice president for strategic outreach with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. Together, they bring a wealth of complementary expertise in policy and strategic philanthropy to the DEPLOY/US team.

We've crafted this new website to better reflect the opportunity that unites our team, our aspirations for the future of U.S. climate and clean energy policy, and our work in pursuit of that vision.

The information presented in our website is intended to start a conversation. We invite you to contact us with your questions, thoughts, and ideas. Our team looks forward to working with you on building our climate and clean energy future, together.

Warm regards,

Andrea Strimling Yodsampa