Former Congressman Carlos Curbelo joins DEPLOY/US

“I’m delighted and honored that Carlos Curbelo has joined DEPLOY/US as a senior advisor,” said Andrea Yodsampa, founder and CEO of DEPLOY/US. “Carlos brings deep personal commitment to bipartisan action on climate change and clean energy, at a time when our country needs leaders to come together, across the political spectrum, to make progress on an issue of national and global significance.”

A former Republican congressman from Florida, Mr. Curbelo co-chaired the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus (CSC) during the last Congress. In July 2018 he introduced innovative, forward-thinking legislation that would have replaced the federal gas tax with a price on carbon, invested in vital infrastructure, and reduced carbon emissions.

“I’m excited to continue to make a difference on one of the most important issues facing America, and to do so with an organization that knows we can achieve more by working together than we can working in isolation,” said Mr. Curbelo.

“Climate change—and, more importantly, climate solutions and clean energy—has been misbranded as a partisan issue,” said Mr. Curbelo. “I believe that DEPLOY/US’ combination of bipartisan vision and its unique strategy to support the right-of-center organizations driving innovative solutions to tackle climate change is smart, timely, and much needed. I look forward to working with Andrea and the team to take this work forward, at a moment of national urgency and opportunity.” 

Founded in 2015, DEPLOY/US focuses exclusively on building the ecosystem of coordination, funding, and communications necessary for bipartisan leadership on climate change and clean energy. DEPLOY/US is a nonpartisan nonprofit and a member of Bridge Alliance. 1% for the Planet named DEPLOY/US one of “10 Need-to-Know Innovative Nonprofits” in August 2018.

DEPLOY/US’ ultimate goal is a body of federal policy, enacted with bipartisan support, that shrinks the greenhouse gas footprint of the US, accelerates clean energy innovation, and supports economic growth. To this end, DEPLOY/US is dedicated to scaling the collective impact of right-of-center (ROC) climate and clean energy field, which includes a diverse array of nonprofits working in increasingly sophisticated ways to build ROC support for action. 

“As a former congressman, a respected conservative with a commitment to bipartisan cooperation, and a leader of a community already being impacted by climate change, Carlos can help the right-of-center climate field achieve the impact at scale necessary for lasting, bipartisan solutions,” said Dr. Yodsampa.

DEPLOY/US’ work is grounded in the field of systems entrepreneurship, which identifies and seeks to mitigate systemic impediments to impact. DEPLOY/US has identified three interrelated systemic changes necessary for the ROC field to realize its full potential for impact: (1) more and more diverse philanthropic support; (2) systems to facilitate efficient and safe information sharing and strategic coordination; and (3) communications platforms to amplify voices of conservative leaders and the grassroots on climate and clean energy at the state level and in Washington, DC.

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