Shared Purpose

Dear Friends,

We in the climate action community have been deeply affected by the events of the last week. We are acutely aware of the multifaceted risks of climate change, as well as the urgent need for global action. The election of President-elect Donald Trump, who has called climate change a “hoax" and threatened to roll back hard-won progress, has left many people understandably frightened.

Having said that, our community is also privileged to be able to turn our concern into action. This is our commitment at DEPLOY/US.

We have spent the past two years working with an extraordinary network of leaders across the political spectrum. This network includes not only environmental leaders, scientists, activists, and donors, but also entrepreneurs, investors, military officers, business leaders, conservative faith leaders, and conservative thought leaders, all of whom are committed to responsible action on climate and energy. Sure, the reasons for engagement vary, as do opinions about exactly what should be done. But, nonetheless, there is a deeply felt, shared commitment to action.

This community's shared purpose and willingness to engage honestly around differences inspires us and gives us confidence that we can make progress in our new, very challenging, political context. It also illuminates a critical next frontier of climate and clean energy efforts. The risks of climate change affect us all, and we all have a stake in solutions. Many are already working to support, empower, fund, and create space for conservatives to put forward meaningful climate and energy solutions that can then compete in the marketplace of ideas. Those of us who are serious about forging solutions must look for ways to help these efforts succeed. In this new political environment, this work is more important than ever.

We will share more in the coming weeks and months about concrete ways in which you can contribute.

Thank you for being part of this vitally important work.


Andrea Strimling Yodsampa, CEO