One of “10 Need-To-Know Innovative Nonprofits.”
— 1% For The Planet, August 2018
DEPLOY/US has uncovered a glaring void in the climate and clean energy universe and has become a trusted partner—rather, the leader—in attempting to correct the situation. That is, a lack of cohesive strategy and a funding network dedicated to expanding the right-of-center constituency that is essential to enact bipartisan climate policy. I’m thankful every day for Andrea Yodsampa and her team at DEPLOY/US. Protecting our climate, our way of life, and our families may hinge on the successful implementation of DEPLOY/US’ strategy.
— Rob Sisson, former President, ConservAmerica
You all (and as much as we can help) have a huge opportunity in front of you that could be game changing for our country (and world) and you are the right people with the right skills to do it.
— J. B. Lyon, Co-director, Rebuild Congress Initiative and Managing Director, Mount Independence Investments
DEPLOY/US collected an impressive group of participants and I was honored to be included. I also felt a great sense of hope about the chances for meaningful progress on addressing our climate challenges when listening to all the assembled actors!
— Grant Couch, Citizens' Climate Lobby Conservative Caucus
Thanks for leading the way on this and lending so much clarity as to how to tackle something that often seems almost too large and complex to get a handle on.
— Rick Blue, TV and film director/editor

Testimonials about DEPLOY/US’ upcoming Web Portal and Media Engagement:

Covering climate change is one of the most important and difficult tasks facing journalists today. The paucity of credible conservative voices has led to misperceptions of both the state of the science and the available policy options. As a veteran climate reporter and the host of a weekly radio interview show about science and culture (Living Lab Radio), I welcome the efforts of DEPLOY U/S. Their network of military, business, and faith leaders has enhanced my coverage of this issue.
— Heather Goldstone, WGBH and WCAI
I’m more than ever persuaded that finding common ground with conservatives and evangelicals may be one of the few ways to make some political headway on climate change.
— Evan Hadingham, NOVA / WGBH
Thank you for your valuable insights and advice, which have helped NOVA reach a wide range of constituencies. We especially appreciate DEPLOY/US’ introduction that led NOVA to an important voice in our two-hour documentary, Decoding the Weather Machine — an evangelical meteorologist and gifted communicator about climate change. The story of his evolving views on climate inspired us to produce a short form video for social media and a Facebook Live community event about navigating faith and climate change.
— Julia Cort, Deputy Executive Producer, NOVA