DEPLOY/US is strengthening the ecosystem of support that conservative climate leaders need to expand their ranks.

DEPLOY/US plays a unique role by strengthening the ecosystem of support for right-of-center leadership on climate and clean energy. Our 2020 goal is bipartisan federal policy that shrinks our greenhouse gas footprint, supports economic growth, and returns the U.S. to a central role in fighting global climate change. Our ultimate goal is to build the bipartisan support necessary to sustain and amplify the environmental and economic benefits of climate policy over the long term and insure against the re-politicization of this issue. We do this in three ways:


DEPLOY/US has crafted a coordinated “military, money, and morals” message to reach conservative policy-makers and voters, working with influential partners in the military, business, faith, and policy communities. The targeted messaging includes approaches and policies for solving the climate problem that appeal to conservative values. The cross-sector messaging offers conservative policy makers who are looking for a path forward on climate a safety net of support from credible conservative validators. 

Expanding & Diversifying

DEPLOY/US is working with leading philanthropists and communications experts to expand and diversify the funding pool for the field of right-of-center climate and clean energy organizationsThe vast majority of philanthropic investment has been left of the political center, contributing to the misbranding of climate as an exclusively liberal environmental issue. DEPLOY/US is working to ensure that right-of-center climate and clean energy organizations have the support they need to scale their impacts.

Measuring outcomeS & communicating results

DEPLOY/US is working with conservative, progressive, and non-aligned philanthropic networks, foundations, and communications experts to demonstrate successes through specific shared outcomes, measurable achievements, and strategic messaging. We have built the network and identified the concrete actions needed to align strategies, maximize strengths and complementarity, and deliver results against shared metrics.

Given the sensitive nature of our work, we often work behind the scenes. We invite you to contact us directly for more detailed information.