The world will not solve the climate problem without leadership from the United States, and the United States will not lead in a serious, sustained way without support across the political spectrum.

DEPLOY/US works with military, business, faith, investment, policy, and philanthropic leaders to ensure that right-of-center voices are part of the dialogue necessary to forge cutting-edge bipartisan solutions.

Our work is grounded in the field of systems entrepreneurship. We focus on three systemic levers that have the potential to dramatically increase the collective impact of right-of-center climate and clean energy efforts, as an essential foundation for bipartisan action.

cross-sector coordination

DEPLOY/US initiated and co-led the Military-Business-Faith (MBF) network. MBF has brought a coordinated "military, money, and morals” message to conservative policymakers and voters, offering important validation to leaders seeking a path to take action on climate change. DEPLOY/US is now identifying and forging agreement on a set of concrete actions, priorities, and metrics to increase the collective impact of right-of-center climate and clean energy work.

Expanding & Diversifying

DEPLOY/US conducted groundbreaking research on climate philanthropy. Our research revealed that the vast majority of philanthropic investment in climate action has gone to left-of-center groups, leaving right-of-center climate and clean energy groups without the support they need to have impact at scale and contributing to the misbranding of climate as an exclusively liberal environmental issue. DEPLOY/US is working with philanthropists and communications experts to expand and diversify the funding pool for the field of right-of-center climate and clean energy organizations.

AMPLIFYING right-of-center VOICES

DEPLOY/US has advised journalists working in print, radio, television, and online on strategies to engage conservative audiences. We have provided journalists with curated content and strategic introductions to right-of-center climate champions. We are now working to develop an information portal to spotlight the expanding and diverse array of right-of-center climate and clean energy efforts.

Thanks for leading the way on this and lending so much clarity as to how to tackle something that often seems almost too large and complex to get a handle on.
— Rick Blue, TV and film director/editor